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Heat Youth Tournament Crowns Several Champions

Heat Youth Tournament Crowns Several Champions

Teams Visited Laredo from Across South Texas & Northern Mexico



Laredo, TX (Tuesday, November 18, 2014): The Laredo Heat Youth Soccer Club & Academy hosted a three day youth tournament this past weekend at Texas A&M International University for teams in seven age categories ranging from 2002 to 2008 calendar year clubs.

 From Northern Mexico, the teams that participated were Colegio Euro-Americano, Academia Luis Alvarez, Academia Claudio “Diablo” Núñez, Colegio Motolinia, Academia URO and Colegio Cambridge.

 Two teams from the Rio Grande Valley, Dallas Texans RGV Academy & Club Atlas Academy, participated in the weekend festivities.

 From Laredo, Liberty Academy, LYSCA, Monterrey Rayados – Laredo Academy, Laredo Manchester United, Laredo Arsenal, Laredo Club Necaxa and Club Real Laredo joined the host The Laredo Heat Youth Soccer Club and Academy to round out the participants in the tournament.

 In total, 42 youth teams played in 85 games over the three day period at the TAMIU Soccer Complex and a total of seven champions were crowned. The winners in each of the categories were:

 -          Year 2008: Colegio Euro-Americano Monterrey

-          Year 2007: Colegio Euro-Americano Monterrey

-          Year 2006: Academia Claudio “Diablo” Núñez Monterrey

-          Year 2005: Academia URO Monterrey

-          Year 2004: Laredo Liberty Academy Team Micros

-          Year 2003: Dallas Texans RGV Academy McAllen

-          Year 2002: Dallas Texans RGV Academy McAllen


“Outside from the colder temperatures we had since Friday evening, the kids (players), their coaches and their friends and family had a great time overall”, said Heat Youth Club Executive Director J.J. Vela.

 “The best part of this type of tournament format is that our local teams get an opportunity to play teams that at this age groups they normally to not play week in and week out while they play their regular season games here in Laredo, the tournament breaks the monotony of playing the same teams over the Fall Season and this applies to all the teams that visited Laredo”

 Vela concluded, “The teams that visited Laredo from Northern Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley all left on Sunday after their last regular games or finals satisfied with the tournament format and most importantly, wanting to come back to participate again. The tournament was planned with the Mexican Three Day Weekend Holiday in mind and all those teams from Mexico did not leave Laredo until Monday”. 

 The Laredo Heat Youth Soccer Club and Academy is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Corporation that operates in Laredo and Webb County, Texas for the sole purpose of training the youth in the area in the sport of soccer. The mission of the club is to get youngsters to learn to play soccer, get advanced players into competitive tournaments and teach these youngsters the rules of the game and the importance of proper training, exercise and doing well in school.

 The Laredo Heat Youth Soccer Club and Academy accepts donations to fund its mission and any interested party wishing to donate, can contact the organization at (956) 723 – 4700.