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Late goal pushes Capitals past Heat

Late goal pushes Capitals past Heat

Friday June 6, 2011 - Late goal pushes Capitals past Heat

Goal in stoppage time seals the deal for Capitals, 1-0

Published: Friday, June 10, 2011 7:19 AM CDT
The Mid-South Division-leading Laredo Heat hosted the Baton Rouge Capitals at the Texas A&M International Soccer Complex on Thursday night, falling in an evenly matched game 1-0.

The game seemed destined to a draw, but Capitals midfielder Brandon Chagnard poked in the winning goal in the 91st minute, earning three points for Baton Rouge (2-4-0, 6 points).

Laredo (6-2-0, 18 points) attacked with fast paced and often overzealous attempts at goal throughout both halves, often overpowering shots above the crossbar.

“This was a fair match,” Heat coach Israel Collazo said.

“They frustrated us by sitting back and defending so much, like (Chivas) El Paso did when they beat us.”

Laredo began the game and the second half by pushing the ball forward into Baton Rouge’s half of the pitch, dominating possession and causing the Capitals to sit back and hope for a counter attack.

“We got the win a few weeks ago in Baton Rouge,” Heat defender Adam Weinzimer said.

“And we wanted it (Thursday), we attacked for it, but it didn’t go our way.

“They got us on the counter attack and that was enough for them to win.”

They finally got one, with Chagnard earning them the result as he took on Heat keeper Rodrigo Avila one on one, eventually scoring.

It was a battle of attrition, mainly taking place in the center of the pitch featuring an abundance of sideline footraces and fancy flashes of feet by Laredo midfielders Max Gunderson and Joel Perez.

Of the Heat’s four total shots, Gregory Mulamba and Carlos Ordaz began the match by skying a pair of close range shots into the Laredo night, 10 feet above the Capitals’ 6-foot-5 keeper Chip Sanders and the crossbar.